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air quailty pollution information platform


What is the motive of AgdataCity? We believe pollution is really becoming a concern nowadays not in the whole world. We are coming up with a better solution and advanced technology to save the future of our countries and for our ecosystem. 

Agdatacity is the solution for pollution!

Help to protect the health of the citizens of the cities by continuously monitoring air quality and hazardous substances which are harmful for breathing such as, Nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ground ozone, carbon monoxide, etc.. with just one tap on your device.

Air quality sensor

Air quality has a significant impact on human health. Its poor condition in long term can cause many types of cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, eczema or allergies. Modern technologies now allow very easy, inexpensive, hyperlocal and long-lasting measurement of concentrations of many types of hazardous substances such as particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, sulfur or tropospheric ozone.

Monitoring online weather stations

As well as knowledge of current air quality, monitoring of current meteorological conditions increases the quality of life. This service helps to better plan the technical service interventions, gardening, the movement of vulnerable groups outdoors under heavy loads, e.g. in summer. Each installed weather station provides monitoring of total precipitation, air temperature and humidity, wind direction and speed, and air pressure.

In addition to meteorological conditions, it is also possible to monitor soil moisture using sensitive soil sensors. This solution is suitable, for example, for parks or sports fields, where it will help prevent damage to lawns during the heat-intensive summer months.

Intelligent telematics

Automatic work recording, CAN bus support, identification of aggregations and operators, real-time information, updates every second, automatic diesel diary.

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