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Energy storage for the next generation

Electromobility Sustainability


EnergyCloud is not all about selling batteries and solar panels. The term itself energy cloud refers to a new, changing concept of the energy industry.

The future of modern energy is based on connecting a large amount of decentralized local producers and operators of energy storage systems, as well as electricity producers and consumers, all working together through remote control and monitoring as virtual power plants. Therefore, it is one of the EnergyCloud project goals to bring together small and mid- size producers and consumers of electricity from renewable sources equipped with energy storage batteries. These energy storage systems are used as home batteries in residential houses, while more powerful designs are used in industrial and commercial buildings as well as by distribution network operators.

EnergyCloud Home Batteries store solar energy generated during the day that can be used at any time. Alternatively, the Home Batteries can be charged during low-priced periods when demand for electricity is low and be discharged during more expensive high demand periods EnergyCloud’s main mission is finding overall solution to effective use of electric energy from renewable resources. Part of this solution are efficient charging stations that are the key elements of electromobility expansion. To accomplish that, we have come up with our very own solution.


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