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Natural materials in the industrial world

mycelium circularity sustainable packaging sorbents


We develop and produce functional 100% natural materials from fungal mycelium and waste from the agricultural and wood processing industries. Founded in January 2021, we harness the ability of mycelium to bind the substrate it grows through. It is actually a clever natural glue that grows on its own. The substrate forming the base of the product can be anything containing lignin and cellulose - sawdust, paper, hemp stalk, etc. The simple principle and hi-tech industrial approach ensures that the material is truly eco-friendly, sustainable and cheap at the same time. The advantages of the material are readily available and cheap raw materials, low energy and water consumption and biodegradability without microplastics or harmful chemicals. We produce a packaging system consisting of capsules filled with myco material. Its advantages are the variability of use and the possibility of combination with cardboard and its applicability in automated lines. We are also involved in the production of scent and odour carriers and the development of oil sorbent - in this case, its high oil absorption capacity and hydrophobicity play a role.

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David Šohaj Minařík
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