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SMART communication network for authorities and cityzens

communication network smart platfrom for municipalities


MUNIPOLIS communication network allows authorities to share any news (emergency, events, governance) with citizens directly to their mobile devices via SMS, voice message, email, app push notification or directly to a web dashboard. The messages can be targeted to specific audiences e.g. by street, district or interest. The system is controlled from a powerful but easy admin environment and provides advanced analytical tools.

Authorities can easily set official public polls or start solving issues that are reported by citizens. Also, each municipality gets a public dashboard and an app which can be tailored to display any data to citizens including externally integrated systems. 

MUNIPOLIS offers connectivity with municipal websites via RSS and vice versa with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Therefore, it may save up to 25% time of communication teams who have to usually share news across various channels separately.

MUNIPOLIS has been developing its solution for more than 6 years. The international team consists of more than 70 communication professionals that are fully dedicated to digitalise the European public sector. The solution is used by more than 2 300 municipalities of all sizes (from the smallest rural villages to the biggest cities) across the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Spain.

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