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15-29 January, 2022

Mozgás a jövőbe. Ismerkedjen meg egy olyan város víziójával, ahol cseh innovációk és technológiák közösen teremtik meg a városi lét barátságos, hatékony és fenntartható környezetét.


Connecting Minds, Creating the Future: this is the topic of the very first EXPO held in the Middle East region. And it is also exactly what we do in our City For The Future presentation concerned with smart and sustainable cities. We researched some of the most inspiring Czech ideas, technologies and solutions and merged them together into a single vision showing what urban life might look like in a few years and how Czech innovations may contribute to creating a pleasant, human-friendly future where a true symbiosis with nature is achieved. The vision builds on the idea of sustainability, which is one of three subthemes of Dubai's EXPO and also the underlying motive of the Czech pavilion and a key interest of the United Arab Emirates with whom the Czech Republic, with the help of EXPO, develops cooperative relations.

32 Czech companies take part in this joint effort. The organisers from Ministry of Industry and Trade and CzechTrade took extra care when selecting them and consulted trusted partners that interact with innovations on a daily basis, especially the Forbes magazine, South Moravian Innovation Centre and the CzechInvest agency. The final portfolio includes solutions from various areas, such as mobility, infrastructure, smart buildings, environmental technologies, energy distribution, services, logistics or smart farming. This further proves cities are very complex ecosystems where many components need to click into each other. And addressing such complex matters: that's what EXPOs are about.

Didn't make it to EXPO? No problem! Check below our video reports, the City For The Future movie and recorded conference with Forbes.


When thinking about cities of tomorrow, it is obvious that wildly-shaped skyscrapers, levitating cars or omnipresent robots aren’t the keys to a meaningful and sustainable life. That’s why we left futuristic visions behind and focused on what truly matters – on what makes cities efficient, healthy, user-friendly, respectful to nature and desirable as places for living.

An ordinary day of every one of us consists of many repeating activities that we don’t give much thought to. Such as using energy, transporting ourselves, interacting with public infrastructure, eating, shopping or working in an office. Altogether, these routines end up taking a major portion of our time. Therefore, they have a significant impact on the quality of our lives, and a power to determine how we affect our environment.

With 32 innovative Czech companies, we look behind the curtain of this seemingly trivial reality to uncover the interconnected processes in the background. We illustrate how even minor practical improvements – when standing together – may bring a major change in the big picture. The future doesn't have to be rocket science!




World EXPO 2020 in Dubai, held from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022

Czech Republic's country pavilion "Czech Spring" in the Sustainability district of EXPO

Joint rotary exhibition of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and Czech Trade Promotion Agency, on the 1st floor of the pavilion


15th January 2022 (Saturday)
Opening day of the rotary exhibition City For The Future

23th January 2022 (Sunday)
Arrival of Minister of Industry and Trade with a delegation in Dubai

24th January 2022 (Monday)
Ceremonial signature of the bilateral cooperation agreement between the Czech Republic and the United Arab Emirates

22nd Czech Business Council Gala Business Session at Radisson Blu Hotel, Deira Creek

25th January 2022 (Tuesday)
City For The Future evening with Forbes in the Czech pavilion at EXPO

29th January 2022 (Saturday)
Closing day of the rotary exhibition


Miroslav Scheiner
Special Projects Manager at Ministry of Industry and Trade
+420 602 262 599

Vladislav Polách
Director of Regional Center CzechTrade Dubai
+971 504 509 941