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Unique Customer Solutions for Traffic Data Collection and Enforcement

Road Protection Weigh-In-Motion Enforcement



Intelligent Systems since 1995
CAMEA was founded by university researchers in the college city of Brno, Czech Republic. Motivated by new challenges, the company has introduced numerous cutting-edge solutions – the first camera-only system for Red Light Enforcement in the world, the first Weigh-In-Motion certified for Direct Enforcement, and others. The products fall in two main categories - Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and systems for visual inspection in industry. 
Enforcement System Specialist for Road Protection
The core product of the current portfolio and the most complex of all ITS is Weigh-In-Motion (WIM), providing users with a wide array of data. CAMEA is the world leader in the system’s application for direct enforcement which is a solution incredibly challenging in terms of development, tuning, implementation, maintenance, and with the best available influence on road protection.

Focus on First-Class Solutions
With 40 % of employees in development, CAMEA keeps its strong R&D orientation. The company offers a possibility of custom designing, as well as further unique customer solutions that range from OEM to turn-key. All products are continuously improved to ensure long-lasting user satisfaction.

Full Control over the Solutions
CAMEA develops both SW and HW, as well as produces and remotely monitors the systems that have been deployed in various cultures and environments around the world. Outsourcing is reduced to a necessary minimum; in-house developed components enable exceptional, mutually compatible solutions within a platform of smart systems for transportation and industry. 

Easy Access to the Best Talent in #BRNOREGION
CAMEA closely cooperates with the Brno University of Technology on application of advanced AI and other projects with state-of the-art outcomes.

Improving Infrastructure on 4 Continents
Today, more than 1350 traffic lanes are monitored with CAMEA's intelligent systems that save costs and improve road safety and transportation in general.

“We are pleased to report that the Weigh-In-Motion solution on Kenyan National roads helps reduce overloading, facilitate trade and protects both infrastructure and people in the long run.”


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