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ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab is ŠKODA AUTO's – the car manufacturer’s – innovation center with two key roles for the development of its parent company: an innovation center and a mobility provider.

As a mobility services provider, we are gradually building an ecosystem of services complementing the existing business model of ŠKODA AUTO. We expand and support the traditional business of the parent company and fulfil its strategy to become a provider of all-round smart mobility services. We are building a comprehensive ecosystem of mobility and related services that will facilitate movement for those who do not plan to use their own car or want to share their car with other people. At the same time, we help bring new clients to the ŠKODA AUTO ecosystem, primarily targeting the younger age group.

As the ŠKODA AUTO‘s innovation center, we are looking for, testing and implementing projects to support the development of the existing business model of the parent company. Our portfolio currently includes more than fifty projects at various stages of maturity that we will keep developing. These are projects in the areas of multimodal mobility, electromobility, Smart City, the use of artificial intelligence and blockchain and the implementation of new technologies that we bring from the global environment.

The goal of ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab is to support the parent company, among other things, by harnessing technologies and newly created business models to bring concrete added value and benefit to customers, identify potential energy savings or more efficient use of resources, and contribute to building a circular economy. Our vision is to create an entire ecosystem so that we can continue to fulfil the ŠKODA AUTO 2030 Strategy.

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