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Sharry is a smart access platform for A-class office buildings. Our solution combines smart access (including mobile access, dynamic parking, and elevator control) with a visitor management system and tenant engagement features to provide the best-in-class building experience for the tenants. 

Sharry simplifies administration for managers and helps retain current tenants and attracts new ones. The touch-free solution, flexible operation tools, and building data insights gain a new significance in the Post-COVID property design and hybrid work style. 

The mission of Sharry is to turn any building into a premium service.

We're scaling PropTech globally:
- 50+ Talented professionals in the team
- 30,000,000 sq. ft. on 3 continents
- Integrated with 20+ access control systems
- A seed investment of several millions of euros

Integrated mobile access solution
One of the key benefits and competitive advantages of Sharry is being fully integrated with a wide range of leading access control systems like C-CURE 9000, Kantech, Genetec, OnGuard, S2 Netbox, Symmetry and many more. This allows users to manage smart access, visitor management, community management, dynamic parking and digital signage from one system.

Sharry has also been battle-tested in many setups with large building portfolios implemented at once (for example for Skanska or SL Green Realty Corp., including their premium high-rise One Vanderbilt opened in 2020).

The Sharry company was founded in 2016 in Prague and delivers the grade A tenant experience demanded by grade A buildings all over the world from the U.S. East Coast to Australia. Based in Prague (HQ), Czech Republic, with branches in Warsaw, Poland, and New York, U.S. We are proud co-founder of the Czech & Slovak PropTech Association, the member of the PropTech Lab, and also PropTech Foundation.

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