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Cricket protein Sustainability Water saving



The foods you know, only better. Peanut butter protein bars, gluten-free pasta, chocolate protein shakes… with added cricket protein, everything is healthier and more sustainable. Whether protein bars or pasta, our products look great and taste delicious! What started as a small Kickstarter campaign in 2016 has led to us promoting the cricket protein idea to millions of people. Sens products are the best advertisement of this sustainable protein

Why cricket protein?

The same quality protein as high-end beef.

2000x less water, 15x less land, 12x less feed needed.

100x less greenhouse gases produced.

Crickets can up‑cycle low value bio-waste such as rice brand to high value proteins.

Cricket poop (shed exoskeletons composed of chitin), a byproduct of our farming, works as a premium fertilizer.

The most nutritious and sustainable protein has been overlooked. We at Sens consider crickets the protein of the future, and so do the United Nations.

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