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Battery thermal management for e-mobility

E-mobility Battery thermal management Green Deal



In the future, electrification will affect all areas of life, not only mobility but also construction, services, engineering and all areas of industry. Electrification makes sense particularly in combination with sustainably generated electrical energy which will be managed with the highest efficiency. Electromobility, in the long term, is one of the most important changes that significantly contributes to a sustainable environment by reducing air and noise pollution, especially in metropolitan areas. Qoolers is a catalyst for this change. 

As a technology company, we design innovative solutions for battery packs that enhance all their key aspects. We make possible super-fast charging in minutes, extend vehicle range and improve battery life and safety. We make electric vehicles a better choice for people and the environment.

Today we use our know-how gained in the automotive and aerospace industries to design battery energy storage systems that, in combination with renewable energy sources such as solar panels, contribute to achieving zero energy buildings.

Powerful, innovative and cost-efficient solutions are as important to us as the high quality of our products and services provided to our customers around the world.

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