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Automation of Last Mile Delivery

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BringAuto is a technological start-up established in 2019 in the Czech Republic. Our vision is to robotize last mile delivery and leave the repetitive boring things such as delivering shipments to robots. We believe people are here to do more creative things. 

We are a team with 10 years of experience in software development, self-driving technologies and robotics. Now our main focus is automation of last mile delivery for factories, industrial campuses and technological parks.
In 2020, we were successfully delivering parcels in Brno to test and prove our concept. The electric car enables contactless delivery of goods thanks to our custom superstructure with delivery boxes. We collected important data from last-mile delivery service, and even more we were driving ecologically. In November 2021 our industrial delivery robot driven by an autonomous system successfully delivered hundreds of chemical samples in a chemical plant BorsodChem in Ostrava.  

BringAuto industrial robot  currently has a maximum velocity of 20 km/h, a maximum range of 100 km and a payload of 1000 kg. It has an asynchronous electric motor and lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries. This makes the robot  capable of all-day service. It is well suited for city-centres and dense business or industrial areas thanks to its small dimensions (3000x1300 mm).

Autonomous control and safety are secured by a combination of cameras, LiDAR and radars. We use  a robotic platform which is modular; therefore it is possible to fit different superstructures on it to perform different tasks:

LMD robot equipped with delivery boxes - delivering goods right in front of your house.

Industrial Delivery Robot used for delivering goods, chemical samples , products etc. in industrial plants and technological parks.

Mobile Vending Machine primarily designed for the sale of drinks and other small goods directly to the end customers in the city centres and at festivals.
We have also developed the BringAuto cloud portal which allows complete maintenance of BringAuto Platform including safe updates, automatic diagnostics, complete remote control and monitoring while preserving easy onboarding of new versions of BringAuto Autonomy into BringAuto Platform even for third party autonomy providers. Our industrial portal allows customers to manage a whole fleet of robots, change their destination and watch them on a map.

Our software solution is open source, therefore it is possible to integrate it to the Smart City system with ease. Robots then can interchange information about the traffic density, quality of roads, their own occupancy rate and optimal route to destination with the central system. Information about the robots and traffic can then be displayed by the city. This communication, modularity of robot and electric drive supports the idea of ecologic and effective logistics of Smart City.

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