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Complex quality control driven by AI

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Millions of products and goods are produced worldwide every day. We encounter many of them in cities, where they meet the needs of residents or help operate the city. Everyone wants these products to be flawless, functional and nice, and production to run automatically, efficiently and without downtimes. However, what about subsequent complaints, convening events, faulty deliveries – all these aspects have a common denominator and that is quality control. However, partial inspections within the production process do not suffice. It is important to look at the product as a whole when it is leaving the production line.

But how to achieve this reliably in large volumes and in real time? One way is to use artificial intelligence….

24 VISION is a product designed for final product quality control, which detects not only visual defects, but also the correct configuration. It uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to analyze products. The system checks the product in real time according to its type and knows which defects may occur on it. The control focuses on these and passes information to the operator or directly to the production system. Based on the controlled images, the system knows if the product corresponds to the real order and is identical. After the analysis, the system decides whether the product is ready to be shipped to the customer or need to go for repairs.

The following technologies can provide the source of data for analysis:
- industrial CCD cameras
- X-rays
- IR cameras
- thermal cameras
- and other outputs converted to an image form.

The achieved reliability of defect detection is usually higher than 99%, which significantly exceeds the quality control performed by humans.

24 VISION is a comprehensive solution incorporating user environment for operation, configuration, evaluation and provision of output reports. The system is equipped with a communication API, which allows interconnection and integration with third-party systems. The entire system is continuously developed and updated according to the latest trends and new technologies.

Company introduction
24 VISON was founded in 2019 and builds on the previous five-year development at the parent company TINT. Three founders stood at the birth: Martin Cviček (CTO), Martin Hriško (CEO) and Zdeněk Neustupa (System Architect), who developed a user solution into the comprehensive product 24 VISION. The company joined the startup ranks and went through the Startup Yard acceleration program and subsequently obtained its first investment. The company is currently in a state of growth and is making plans to reach the whole world with its quality-focused solutions. You are with us on this journey.

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