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No more bridge will ever fall down

IoT Sensors


We focus on the technical safety of buildings. We make measurements of the statics and dynamics of bridges, footbridges, lookout towers, slopes, columns, pipeage and power lines to identify potential weaknesses of their constructions in order to save lives and movable property. We want to prevent all bridges and all other constructions from falling down. To achieve this, we develop technical equipment, and cooperate with partners both in the Czech Republic and abroad as well as with academic institutions. Besides ensuring simple mounting and demounting, our system has outstandingly low costs of installation and operation. We make constant measurements of a given construction, of which data is available online.


We aim at owners and managers of buildings, such as municipalities or regional and national managers of roads and pipelines. We are seeking partnership with civil engineers specializing on bridges, structural engineers, hydrogeologists, construction companies and academic institutions.

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U Jezu 525/4, 460 01 Liberec

+420 603 452 294 (Petr Klokočník)