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Next generation emergency calling

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Saving lives means a matter of seconds. The key to a quick and effective rescue operation is, above all, knowledge of the incident’s exact location, type of emergency and patient identification. Unfortunately, the caller often isn’t able to provide all of these, especially if they are in shock, seriously injured or their surroundings are unfamiliar.

This is why we created the NG-SOS system, which significantly facilitates and streamlines both patient communication with the operations centre and managing the entire rescue operation. The system uses all modern communication means to ensure the exact location, type of emergency and patient identification all take place seamlessly, and includes video calling technology for image transmission directly from the incident site.

The system is based on a special mobile app which is connected with the national ambulance service. The NG-SOS system is currently used in 4 EU countries (the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria). Within the 6 years of operation the app already helped to facilitate rescue in more than 100 000 cases. The system has already over 2.4 million users. General partner of this project is Vodafone Foundation.

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