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Merging real life and the digital world, Peig is transforming the very concept of identity and security. Dedicated to bridging people and technology, Peig utilizes a combination of patented technology and next-gen proprietary solutions to solve fundamental cybersecurity vulnerabilities that prevent data breaches, financial losses and irreparable damages to a company’s reputation while providing fool-proof data protection against cyber threats. Peig promotes a safer and more secure digital world for businesses and consumers.

The Digital World
There are now over 5 billion internet users worldwide that will only continue to grow. Social media has taken over new generations. Businesses, small and large, are digitalizing at an exponential rate. People all around the world have access to online shopping, banking, education and more. The world is currently amid a remote working revolution with increasingly digitalized workspaces. As the barriers between real life and the digital world continue to erode, cyber threats to businesses and consumers have become increasingly commonplace and dangerous.

Our Mission
Peig was initially founded and developed under the name ADUCID by the best-in-class experts in ICT infrastructure and cryptography to achieve three key goals:

1. Facing cyberthreats head on
2. Increasing business productivity
3. Increasing business and consumer confidence in data security

Facing cyber threats head on
With the rapid rollout of remote work and online access across numerous companies, identity access management tools are now increasingly important and complex. As cloud-based services such as cloud storage or cloud computing continue to expand, more companies face far more risk to cyber threats than ever before. Peig aims to provide innovative, proactive solutions for a safe online environment for companies that build management and consumer confidence in an organization's data security.

Increasing productivity
As companies continually increase data security measures and various checks and verifications, they often find it can negatively affect employees' productivity and user experiences. Traditional security solutions built on passwords, hardware authenticators or OTPs are incredibly outdated and inefficient. Peig's patented solutions remove these tedious security options to offer a seamless user experience for employees and consumers. 

Increasing business and consumer confidence in data security
With Peig's cost-effective yet no-compromise approach to data security, companies don't have to worry about prioritizing profit margins versus superior data protection. Management can be confident in protecting sensitive data allowing them to focus on other priorities. Consumers can confidently utilize digital services without worrying about their private data.

Peig: Passwordless Access Platform
Offering a whole new concept of enterprise data security, Peig’s Passwordless Access Platform is a unique Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution for all businesses, from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies. Peig helps unify organizations’ access management, streamlines passwordless authentication in SaaS, private cloud and hybrid environments, and is designed to be easily integrated with any number of business applications. Peig not only enables passwordless access but also leaves out usernames and 2nd-factor authenticators, making the workspace uncompromisingly resistant to phishing, MitM, session hijacking, and device manipulation attacks.

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