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solar charging station multifunctional publig lighting



We are an all-Czech family company with 16-year history. Our seat is in the village of Horní Bečva, where we have the administrative, development and assembly base. Our team consists of approximately 30 employees. We have our own development, assembly, installation and service. We produce electric devices, especially for cities, towns and villages, but also for companies.

We developed on wired and later wireless radio. Nowadays we have a much wider range of production and services. Besides wireless public address systems, we also produce devices on the “smart city” base. There is a possibility installing warning systems on public address systems, such as an autonomous monitoring module with the system of watercourses level monitoring etc.

But the main product for our company is intelligent LED street lighting. It has several smart functions for saving maximization, for example a motion sensor which increases the intensity of lighting when a person is passing. It can be fed either classically through the electric power network or independently – by solar panels.

Very popular are solar multifunctional charging stations SPOT, which combine technical innovations with amazing design. You can charge your electric bike or mobile phone and while charging it, you can connect to Wi-Fi and an integrated inflation pump will inflate your tubes. Then you can head to your destination.

We keep going the way of technical and design innovation and want to become the leader in the area of technical movables of towns, villages and companies.

Miloš Drápala
CEO & owner 

Pavel Dominik