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One traffic framework. Any video source. For all smart city tasks.

Drones AI Elements For Smart City Alliance



At DataFromSky, we are redefining the meaning of SMART by converting any video stream into the FLOW of actionable insights. Our visual traffic framework makes you a designer of the sensor you need. Born for integration, powered by AI, and running everywhere.

Follow the FLOW – our masterpiece in traffic intelligence. DataFromSky’s reinvention of the traffic monitoring segment in 2014 started the next era of traffic surveys based on the combination of drones, AI, and trajectory extraction. Five years later, we designed a universal visual traffic language for all traffic tasks - FLOW - the first tool ever interpreting the data live right at your fingertip.

Nowadays, the FLOW is running directly in smart cameras, standalone edge devices, and AI city servers. It is a truly open platform transforming any video stream into thousands of different sensors working in parallel and cooperating to make the cities and roads smarter and safer. So powerful, so universal! DataFromSky has been delivering its innovation to traffic engineering companies, municipalities, government institutions, R&D departments, and security agencies in more than 50 countries through the network of integration partners. Our traffic intelligence supports various research projects worldwide thanks to the DataFromSky academy program with more than 20 universities on board.

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