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Smart automatic parking and commuting.

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We are a company developing software tools that make parking and commuting efficient and sustainable.

We are focused on the problem of parking, or rather the lack of parking spaces and the problem of overcrowded city traffic. We are developing a parking management system and reservation app that automates parking lots by linking to gates and barriers and using a smart algorithm, helping to reduce congestion and ensure that parking lots are used to their fullest, clearly and without unnecessary stress.

We are also developing a smart carpooling app that connects our clients' employees and helps the clients reduce the number of commuting cars while reducing costs and emissions.

Our goal is to make commuting efficient, convenient and sustainable. Striving for a happier and greener life for us all.

Smart automatic parking

A parking booking system with AI that fairly distributes parking spaces among employees. An easy tool for employees to get a parking space using an iOS, Android or web application. The system is connected to parking gates and cameras, so the driver does not need to pull out a parking card. The employee directly knows which parking spot he has reserved, thus he doesn't lose time looking for a free parking space.

Corporate carpooling

A carpooling app for companies who are struggling with a lack of parking spaces and want to report CSR activities and help their ESG audits. By offering the carpool app to employees, the company allows them to share rides and gives them a reserved parking space in return. The more people carpool, the less cars come to the parking lot every day. Carpooling is a good way for bigger companies and factories outside cities, where are limited commuting alternatives. 

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