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Actionable, real-time information from AI based IoT computer vision object detection technology

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Our vision and mission is help municipalities and companies when it comes to the lack of actionable, valuable and above all, comprehensible information in the context of planning the further development of municipalities or buildings and areas used by companies for their entrepreneurial activities.

We have started our company, VisionCraft, because we believe in a statement claimed over 20 years ago by mathematician and entrepreneur Clive Humby and further clarified by Michael Palmer: data is the new “oil” of our society, especially if such data is processed, edited and comprehensible.

Urbanisation and climate change related to it is one of the most pressing problems of the modern age, which have a direct effect on people’s quality of life. Participants of the latest Smart City conferences such as Smart City Expo Barcelona, Austria Mobility Days 2020 or the most recent GTC NVIDIA clearly agreed about the number one goal: Make cities livable again – that is, turn our cities into an environment that enables quality life from all aspects.

Deloitte envisions three main goals for cities: - economical growth - quality of life, a livable city - reducing the ecological burden, sustainability At VisionCraft, we have developed a set of algorithms that process the captured image in real time to provide municipalities, businesses and users with data on the movement of objects. Movement tracking can be used to identify objects, detect passing vehicles, movement of pedestrians or parked vehicles, detect dangerous traffic situations, track the speed or position of vehicles etc.

Algorithms are used by our solution within a sensor which can be installed anywhere by the customer without the need to provide a permanent power source or data connection. The algorithms mentioned above are also built into our hardware computing unit – VisionCraft BOX – which is able to progess images from already existing camera systems, thus obtaining data from existing infrastructure.

Our current solution blends three components:

1) VisionCraft SW – we process image data and convert it to metadata thanks to the technologies used: machine vision (MV) and machine learning (ML), subcategories of artificial intelligence (AI). Data processing happens directly in the hardware part, a VisionCraft sensor or a VisionCraft BOX.

2) VisionCraft sensor – this smart tool has a great advantage: data is processed directly in the sensor. We were able to achieve minimum power consumption (less than 5W) thanks to our participation in a Smart City AI programme, NVIDIA Metropolis. All this enables a simple installation process without the need of construction works and a permanent power source. What is more, no data connection is necessary thanks to the integrated GSM module. Metadata created by the sensor is sent in real time to the third part of the solution: VisionCraft Cloud.

3) VisionCraft Cloud – where the collection, analysis, interpretation and aggregation of data happens. The service itself, aimed at the end customer, comes from this cloud environment.

Both technological and business aspects of the solution VisionCraft are designed and built from the very beginning with global usage and universality in mind. Experience of our team comes from cooperating with and leading teams, research, products or services intended for the global market. Thanks to this, we design our products and more importantly, outputs – valuable data – to be easily applicable anywhere.

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Robert Pinkas, CEO, Founder
VisionCraft, s.r.o.

Svahová 25, 623 00 Brno, Czech Republic 

+420 606 757 002