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HESTEGO a.s. is a modern Czech engineering company specialising in sheet metal processing. 

Our production is characterised by state-of-the-art structural designs that meet all the technical and technological parameters of the most demanding customers.

We specialize in production of smart products - espeacially SMART WASTE BIN - SMART BE.


Smart bin with waste compacting holds up to 6x more waste than a usual bin.
Safety measures against injury by compacting mechanism.
Mechanical bin protection against vandalism.
Fully certified product adhering to all safety norms for using the bin in the EU.
Contactless slot.
Option for solar panel power.
Route optimization and reduction of carbon footprint.
Option to connect to a public lighting grid.
Online information about bins capacity.
Every compacting saves money. It was usual to collect 4 kg of waste from a 90l waste bin. 
With Smart Be it is possible to collect 25 kg of waste.
Real-time reports about bin’s status over GPS or WiFi.
Bin can be used as a WiFi hotspot for citizens.
Option for advertising or signage in a city’s or organization’s visual style.
A possible use for general waste or recycled waste (paper/plastic).

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