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ASIO has been involved in wastewater treatment, water treatment, water recycling, rainwater management, recycling of swimming-pool water (AS-POOLREC), air purification and, last but not least, blue-green infrastructure – also for smart cities – since 1993.

Some products, such as the AS-TTE water permeable grid for solid surfaces, made of recycled plastic, or the AS-GREEN SLOPE vegetation bag, which supports various types of slopes, are also worth mentioning. The AS-POUSTR multifunctional, intelligent street tree with climbing plants is a new product of ASIO, which allows the installation of humidifiers, car chargers, etc. We do not aim to replace natural trees with this product, but to ensure the presence of greenery even at places, where traditional methods would not be successful or economical, for example due to the presence of infrastructure of public services.

AS-TTE GRID water permeable grid for solid surfaces

AS-TTE GRID offers an innovative and very economical solution for the installation of solid surfaces. Once installed, it provides both a transportational function and the comfort level expected by users. At the same time, previous conditions of water run-off and other environmental factors remain unchanged in large parking lots as well as in parking lots of family homes.
While having a resistant structure, solid, water permeable surfaces created with the installation of AS-TTE GRID have a load-bearing capacity that can even carry trucks.
Spatial interconnectedness reduces the height requirements of the underlying layers.

The structure of underlying layers enables the sorption and decomposition of pollution. Underlying layers also ensure the flow of water in both directions and the growth of greenery.

AS-SMART TREE street tree with climbing plants

AS-SMART TREE street trees with climbing plants are made of a solid steel structure (stainless or galvanized steel), carrying climbing plants. Thanks to a modular approach, streetlights, humidifiers or similar elements that have a positive impact on the urban environment can be installed on the structure.

We believe that this product is going to prove especially useful at locations where cheap and sustainable installation of natural trees is not possible due to the specific circumstances of the location. Climbing plants need much less soil and their roots do not threaten the infrastructure of public services. Having a simple structure, street trees can be installed and transported easily.

The modular approach enables both adaptation to local circumstances and retrofitting. Street trees can be planted in concrete boxes – this way, if its environment undergoes reconstruction, the whole structure can be moved. The material of the structure (AISI 304 stainless steel, galvanized steel, other materials) and the climbing plants can be selected for each tree delivered by ASIO.

Among modular extensions are lamps (replacing streetlights or providing thematic lighting, such as Christmas lights), humidifiers (we offer water tanks and water treatment as additions), other water elements and photovoltaic panels. We are happy to design customized trees that exactly meet the requirements of a given project.

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