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We believe that nature and technology support each other and electricity can be produced, used, and traded in a smart way

We are a Czech green tech company that has been trading electricity efficiently and sustainably since 2008 with the aim of bringing more freedom to businesses and consumers.

We see the future of the power industry in interconnecting large and small energy sources and in planning their flexible use. It is for this reason that we have developed and supported projects which focus on smart energy management applied to energy production and consumption and sharing of energy sources, utilizing our knowledge about the behavior of the market and transmission network.

Shifting businesses towards real positive impact

We are the only retailer in the Czech Republic to supply households and businesses with 100 % clean electricity. Green electricity that Nano Green supplies come from decentralized renewable sources that produce energy in the cleanest possible way in small local photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric, and biogas power plants.

We are sharing our know-how to foster nature-positive innovations and helping businesses to implement clean energy programs and address carbon neutrality.

Plugging businesses into the decentralized data platform

We are creating a new digital energy ecosystem and pioneering energy market transition.

As a flexibility aggregator, we are optimizing electricity consumption and production. We developed smart control of energy for flexible producers and industrial enterprises to make their electricity usage more efficient and applied their flexibility in energy spot markets.

Balancing power grid for renewable future

We are a major player in several European intraday markets, contributing to balance the electrical grid. We are able to set up the use and production of electricity in a way that prevents the transmission grid from overheating, which thus contributes to reducing imbalances in the electrical grid and to improving energy safety for all customers in the Czech Republic. This results in a smaller need for launching expensive and environmentally unfriendly power backups.

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