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Mikroelektronika is an European producer of ticketing systems for public transport based in the Czech republic. You can meet our ticketing devices also in Hungary for more than 20 years. Passengers in Budapest can use almost 5 000 pcs of our ticket validators, and also in other cities like Szeged or Miskolc, where you can meet also our validators. And starting this summer, passengers in Budapest will encounter our cEMV validators for bank card fare payment. Initially on buses from the airport to the city centre and later on M1 metro line. In total, over 100 pcs will be delivered for this stage.

We have established our success on knowledge of transport environment on demanding markets. This made us the world leading company in the branch of fare collection and ticketing systems.

During the last 30 years we have learnt the needs of transport operators and passengers. The operators want reliable, sturdy systems using the proven technology, easy to maintain, effective applications, easy interoperability and this all for a reasonable price. Our product designers really use public transport and observe the real world. Thus we can deliver systems that are appreciated by both by fans of new technologies and as well as by conservative passengers.

However, delivering the practical solution doesn’t mean that we don’t follow technological advance, we just don’t follow fashion trends. We are utilizing features that make sense, such as contactless smartcards, bank EMV cards, simple mobile applications, 2D codes, WiFi, GPS, LTE, etc.

We strictly follow all security standards to guarantee zero possibility to breach the system. This includes access permissions, access levels, communication encrypted by AES, 3DES security standards, readers with SAM cards supporting cryptographic functions according to Common Criteria EAL4+.

Our devices work in a freezing winter behind the Arctic Circle, dusty steppe of Central Asia, humid rainforests of Central America, face moving crowds in India and serve to precise and demanding passengers in Switzerland.

We have a strong development team and advanced production machinery so that we can produce our devices on our own and offer the best quality. We also can modify the device to suit specific requirements or even develop completely tailor-made device. We are producing custom-made electronics for demanding industries like telecommunications, energetic, automotive and laboratory technology, with focus on precision, endurance and reliability.

Our product portfolio currently covers ticketing solution for any kind of transport and any kind of system. Validators, onboard computers, ticket vending machines, turnstiles, mobile applications, vehicle electronics and accessories for points of sale. We provide solutions for buses, trams, trains, cable cars, ferries, ships, taxis and others, where you can pay with cash, bank cards, mobile devices or paper tickets. Ranging from economical compact simple gadgets to multifunctional sophisticated devices.

Not only, that we can deliver system for any kind of transport, but we also know how to ensure interoperability among them even when they are using different and often incompatible ticketing system. Thanks to our modular, standardized and open structure, our systems are also easy to be integrated into existing infrastructures.

Our products are serving to millions of people at five continents in more than 40 countries with more than 130 cities. We value all clients. Metropolitan transport operators as well as smaller operators in rural areas. Thanks to this we have succeeded in Europe, Latin America, we are expanding in Central Asia.

Mikroelektronika. Bringing new possibilities at arm’s reach.


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