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The LIKO-S family business was founded by Libor Musil in 1992. We have branches in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and India, as well as export partners in 16 countries around the world.

Our innovative spirit drives us forward. We are always inventing and innovating – we were the first in Europe to begin manufacturing interior partitions – we set trends.

Our LIKO-S products are the result of in-house development and manufacturing. We have at our disposal the most advanced manufacturing technology, development centre with its acoustic chamber and, most importantly, top-class experts for everything we do.

Since the company was established, it has brought out a whole range of innovations – from sophisticated system partitions for interiors to interactive multimedia SMART-i-WALL® and laminated design glass, and most importantly, the office building of the future LIKO-Noe®, and living hall LIKO-Vo®.

We are a construction company that fights for the environment even in modern times. We try to ensure that our buildings are beneficial not only for our residents, but also for our surroundings

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