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Smart logistics of used coffee grounds

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ReKáva handles local recycling of coffee grounds. Our mission is to save the tons of coffee grounds that end up unnecessarily in mixed waste or incinerators. We provide a waste collection service to cafes, businesses and other institutions, to which we provide coffee grounds collection realized through an electric cargo bike. We then collect the coffee grounds produced in a "Smart Bin" with integrated sensors that monitor the status of the bin and how full it is. Through an app linked to the "Smart Bins", the cargo bike driver then has an overview of whether or not the sediment is ready to be taken to the community garden. In the community gardens, the sediment finds another use, for example as a substrate to grow oyster mushrooms. Due to the integrated sensor, the "Smart Bin" makes waste management more efficient, both economically, ecologically and scientifically. In addition, organizations receive a transparent report on the amount of coffee grounds diverted from the landfill each month. 

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