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RCD Radiokomunikace a.s. has been active in the field of radio communication since 1993. The company was established as a greenfield project, and currently operates in its own premises in Staré Hradiště. Through some of its colleagues in research and development, the know-how and experience of the company is connected to the radio communication division of the former Czech state company Tesla Pardubice and its products. Building on this past, RCD Radiokomunikace is currently the only manufacturer of a complete set of products for radio communication resulting from its own research and development activities in the Czech Republic.

With its employees with many years of experience, and thanks to established habits and the tradition of the parent company Tesla Pardubice, RCD was able to master the demanding development and production of special radio stations (which gradually became a part of the equipment of all Czech police officers), and of special antennas for infantry and armored vehicles (used by the Army of the Czech Republic), all this shortly after its establishment in 1993-1994. This has marked the beginning of in-house development and production of radio stations and their parts, amplifiers, filters and other high-frequency equipment. In-house research and development has resulted in orders from the Czech Republic and abroad, which has significantly supported the company’s growth: development and production of a radio station for Funkwerk in Germany, then the launch of its production in Germany, development and production of radio equipment for 5 kms of tunnels in Israel, 17 road tunnels in the Czech Republic including the tunnel ‘Blanka’ and 2 tunnels in Slovakia, development and production of a unique radio system and covered stations for the Unit for Intelligence Gathering of the Police of the Czech Republic. Following the entry of the third GSM network operator, Vodafone, to the Czech telecommunications market, RCD expanded its activities with planning, engineering, and construction of radio stations. In its first 2 years, it has delivered more than 40 stations for Vodafone in turn-key projects.

Then in 2001, it has built 70 stations as part of the Integrated Rescue System by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic. Building on such experience, RCD further continues the construction of radio stations for GSM network operators, the Army of the Czech Republic and the Integrated Rescue System. The era of radio signal coverage of tunnels, underground spaces of buildings and of large objects began in 1997, when as part of a pilot test project, RCD equipped five stations and one tunnel in the Prague metro with radio signal coverage for GSM operators and the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. Based on successful tests of the radio system, RCD has established radio systems for three GSM operators, the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic and the Unified Security System of Prague in all sixty metro stations, up to now.

After the 2002 Prague floods, RCD has taken part in building new radio systems at 20 flooded metro stations. Experience in the development and production of radio stations, antenna systems and underground coverage in the metro has enabled RCD to establish itself in the field of design and supply of radio equipment for communication in road tunnels from 1999 on. All road tunnels in the Czech Republic and two tunnels in Slovakia with radio signal coverage were designed by RCD and are equipped with radio technology from RCD's in-house development and production. Following the development of radio stations, antennas and filters, RCD developed a special analogue radio station for the German company Funkwerk Kölleda in 2002–2004 for a modern GSM-R railway communication system. This radio station was homologated in the EU and almost 6,000 Western European locomotives were equipped with it in the first phase of the project. This radio station was partly produced at RCD, and partly in Germany with the support and supervision of RCD. Supported by its own development and production capacities, RCD has been providing a non-stop service to the radio network of the Ministry of Interior in the whole area of the Czech Republic since 2005, and to the radio network of all providers at the Prague metro since 2000.

Offering an additional service to its customers, it has been remotely monitoring the functioning of radio equipment using its own technology during the warranty and post-warranty periods since 2005. The company meets with a strong international competition within all its projects. The implementation of projects significantly contributes to a substantial increase in its competitiveness in this demanding market. RCD Radiokomunikace is certified within a quality assurance system according to the standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 since 2001. In other words, its development, production, and service processes have been externally audited for more than 25 years. Its quality assurance processes were also verified by the German company CommScope during the preparations of a cooperation through the production of radio equipment. The company is cleared by the National Security Authority for classified information at the ‘Secret’ level and 15 of its employees are cleared by the NSA at the ‘Secret’ level as well.


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