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Greenhouses for the hydroponic cultivation of fruit, vegetables and flowers

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For more than a quarter century, we have been among the most important technology and innovation firms in the Czech Republic. Our vision is to bring people the world’s latest technologies.

“Most things we will be involved with for the next decade don’t even exist yet, and that excites us most of all.”

Timeless products, smart solutions and the best possible quality are the pillars of the company, whose goal is be to among the market’s top three in all the sectors we are devoted to.

We invest in innovative projects and start-ups with a view toward on-going development and a sustainable environmental policy. We have been one of the 100 best companies for several years.

The heart of NWT is the former Baťa grain silo in Zlín. With branches in Slovakia, England and Cyprus, we employ people in agriculture, construction, information technology and energy conservation.

We are specialists in the construction, overall installation and operation of hydroponic production greenhouses.
Since 2009, we have developed turnkey solutions as a general contractor in construction technology – we have completed projects for more than CZK 4 billion. Since 2013, we have been constructing turnkey cultivation greenhouses for the year-round growing of vegetables, fruits and flowers. Our stable team of experienced designers, project and site managers, engineers and technicians is responsible for construction. We offer and realise cultivation greenhouses ranging in size from 0.5 ha (5,000 m2) and up in the Czech and Slovak republics.

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