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At Logio we do our best to be exactly what the ideal Supply Chain should be like - communication and information sharing is absolutely essential for us. We work with data, but we are not afraid to use our common sense and the experience which we have in all possible areas. That is exactly why we are the most suitable for managing and optimizing the Supply Chains. For most challenges of Supply Chain, we have developed our own software which, combined with the work of our consultants, is the ideal solution for a healthy and efficient Supply Chain. That is why our work is referred to as Supply Chain 4.0.

However, Supply Chain is not an island, nor a separate discipline. On the contrary. We know that Supply Chains affect our and your daily lives, so we take our work really seriously. We are constantly researching and developing new tools and expanding our competencies. We are looking for the best solutions on a global level which would help not only individuals but also companies and cities - basically, our entire planet. It doesn't matter if you are dealing with Factory of the Future, planning a concept within the initiative Smart Cities, or you want to focus on Green Logistics, everything is related to everything and has a mutual influence.

We focus on innovations and we like to tread new paths. That is also the reason why we were creating our Digital Twins, long before that term became a concept. Why don't we just focus on the challenges of the last mile, but we also focus on the so-called Middle Mile, which should not be underestimated. Or why we haven't been solving Big Data just lately, but for 17 years.

It is the collection, analysis and interpretation of data that has a lot to offer not only in the private but also in the public sector - after all, where is a larger amount of data generated than in the cities themselves? Just imagine what our lives would be like if the potential of a smart Supply Chain was fully exploited. What would it be like to come into the store and always find exactly the products you came for on the shelf? On the top of that, for the ideal price. What would it be like not having to deal with traffic jams and congestion due to trucks and freight? What would it be like not to constantly expand the logistics centers, full of large warehouses but on the contrary to make efficient use of the existing spaces. What else could arise on these lands? And what would it be like to never be surprised by a broken machine or perhaps means of public transport, but always to predict these failures?

If we talk about our progressive approach, the events of recent years have strongly suggested that the Agile Supply Chain (or lean Supply Chain if you will) is an absolute must-have, as higher agility allows companies to respond optimally throughout the whole end-to-end network. It is also necessary to maintain a sufficiently elastic Supply Chain. In particular, “Elastic Logistics“ helps ensure that a company's Supply Chain is scalable based on the demand. Therefore we implement such digital logistics processes along with new technologies that can expand and decrease Supply Chain activities as needed.

We have experience from many implemented projects, in which we care about our personal approach. We are really happy that together with our clients we strive for a more sustainable way of doing business and consciously choose a style of work that is more friendly for our planet and society. For example, with our long-term client, Škoda Auto, we designed and implemented an automatic warehouse, which won the Expert Public Award in European Logistics Associaton ELA Awards in 2018. We designed an optimal distribution strategy for Plzeňský Prazdroj and in Mondeléz we increased the accuracy of promotional sales planning by 20% thanks to the automatic calculations. 

We also regularly participate in non-profit projects that support this very idea of sustainability. For example, we are now working with the "Save Food" organization on a project where uneaten food from restaurants and canteens is not thrown away at the end of the day, but instead it is delivered to those in need. In this project, we help with the correct setting of the distribution strategy - not only with consulting, but mainly with our own software, which can calculate an infinite number of distribution strategies.

We simply enjoy making our planet a healthier place, without exaggeration. That's why we help companies not to waste anything. Across the entire Supply Chain.

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