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About us

INSTAR ITS is a global leader in digitalization of energy management processes with 30 years of experience in the market and $1 billion of savings for our customers. INSTAR offers intelligent solutions based on its software platform ENERGIS. It is a commercial on the shelf software platform, which allows real-time monitoring of energy flows and costs. It can be used to forecast, control and optimize energy usage, runs continuously, and savings are delivered around the clock. It offers a ready-made solution that is flexible and scalable and can be customized by the user, who wants to reach energy management 4.0 level. INSTAR also teams up with successful independent companies around the globe, which deliver their own specific energy management solutions with ENERGIS to their clients from various market sectors. In the last 10 years, INSTAR has also expanded its services in the municipal sphere and has implemented a number of successful projects in the Smart City category. Among other things, INSTAR received the Smart City 2018 award.

Our solution

eCityTwin - an open hardware and software solution using among other things also the Internet of Things (IoT) to implement projects in category Smart City and Smart GRID for both small towns and big cities. Besides the standard Internet infrastructure, eCityTwin uses wireless protocols (LoRaWAN, Sigfox and NB-IoT) in low-power wide area networks (LPWAN). eCityTwin is powered by ENERGIS, our key software platform.

Fields of activity

Street lighting – an intelligent control system, which uses LoRaWAN network, is a powerful tool for monitoring, remote control and automatization of public lighting systems with LED lights. It is possible to combine with LMS ENERGIS (solution via DALI controllers) for flexible use in industrial halls, office buildings, shopping centers, sports facilities, hospitals, schools etc.

Smart grid system (electricity, water, gas, steam) based on Energy Monitoring, Metering and Targeting (MM&T), with its main benefits being objective calculation of energy consumption costs within the city and minimizing the loss of energy during distribution by identifying leakage points.

Integrated vehicle parking management system - unified solution for linear parking on the road, parking houses, outdoor parking areas, garages, urban parking zones, implementation of private and urban parking lots into a single payment system.

Waste treatment management by using smart IoT sensors and software applications for monitoring the occupancy of waste containers or optimizing capacity and collection routes.

Complex charging solution for electric vehicles that covers everything from chargers to billing and grid management in an integrated package. Also available electric bike kiosks with lockable cell phone charging station and public Wi-Fi access point.

Air quality supervision with sensors, that scan air composition and monitor pollution exposure for pedestrians, bikers, drivers, and local residents.

Why us?

Our endeavor, while shaping a Smart City concept, is to bring its inhabitants benefits such as higher life comfort, safety, service availability and lower living costs, while maintaining their privacy. At the same time we insist that all systems have to be very well controlled and transparently managed to become a useful and non-threatening part of their everyday life. eCityTwin digitally transforms the everyday life processes with data driven city management. With our solution, we put emphasis on user-friendly, customizable software, easy operation and changes of operating modes. Another feature appreciated by our customers is turning the “numbers” into valuable information (creating forecasts, issuing warnings, producing reports, keeping the plans on track). And finally, when it comes to expenses, the initial investment is compensated by reduction in energy costs of at least 10% with a payback of less than 2 years. After all, we honor our motto: energy savings are precious!

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