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GreeenTech develops and manufactures hydroponic containers and modular growing systems. The company was founded in 2020 by entrepreneur Dmitrij Lipovskij, life sciences expert Karolina Pumprova and engineering specialist Milan Soucek. The projects’s mission is to enable local cultivation of vegetables, microgreens and small fruits anywhere in the world, in any climatic conditions. In line with this mission, the company develops its own IoT system, contributes to the innovation of agriculture and food self-sufficiency.

GreeenTech has three divisions – GreeenBox, HerbaFabrica, Urbanio. Three product categories also derive from this – the GreeenBox hydroponic container, microgreens and vegetables from HerbaFabrica urban farm and tailor-made hydroponic solutions within the Urbanio concept.

GreeenTech runs an urban farm HerbaFabrica in Prague which delivers fresh local microgreens and vegetables to restaurants and cafes. In addition, it also offers vegetables to companies and coworkings as a healthy corporate benefit within the HerbaShare service.

The uniqueness of the GreeenTech project lies in technologically very advanced way of growing crops. The whole process is based on IoT solutions. These enable remote management of the growing process and simulation of ideal conditions for plant growth independent of climatic conditions.  

Everything from container design to software solutions is developed internally in the Czech Republic. Part of the technical equipment is supplied by Siemens Czech Republic, which is a long-term technological partner of the company.

What does actually the term hydroponics mean? It can be characterized as a form of gardening without soil in a solution of water and nutrients. This method of cultivation brings a number of advantages not only due to the controlled environment.

The main benefits of hydroponics include up to 95% savings in water consumption, a significant reduction in transport distances, the possibility of growing without pesticides and rapid plant growth.

The aim of the project is to enable cultivation anywhere and anytime, which also reacts to scientific predictions. According to the UN, it will be necessary to increase food production by 70% by 2050 in order to feed the whole world. Therefore, hydroponics is the solution of the future, enabling to grow crops directly in cities or in the desert.

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