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Smart City - the city of tomorrow with ELKO EP

Let the Smart City technology guide you - with ELKO EP Holešov. Let yourself be guided through a city where technology adapts to your wishes, needs and comfort. Let's walk around smart lighting, poles, enjoy the comfort of smart homes, apartments and offices.
ELKO EP, with registered office in Holešov, is a traditional, innovative and purely Czech manufacturer of electronic equipment. It has been a partner in the field of electrical installation for more than 28 years. Its primary focus is on the development and production of building automation systems and a wide range of equipment for Smart Cities. 

ELKO EP exports its products to more than 70 countries worldwide and has representatives in thirteen foreign offices. 

Obtaining and providing information are basic prerequisites for a Smart City. This includes data on current events, traffic conditions, parking availability, timetables, road closures or air conditions. The system creates an interconnected information network that ensures clear and up-to-date information. It is available not only on the internet and via the media, but also on large LED boards, on residents' smartphone displays or on smart poles. 

Smart public lighting
Modern public lighting can work and think for itself. It can react to ambient light levels and traffic density on the road or in the open space and regulate the light intensity accordingly. This leads to greater safety and at the same time to reduced costs. 

To give you an idea - comparing the operation of a 250W high pressure sodium lamp and a 110W LED street light with the Lighting Control System means total energy saving is up to 73.04 percent (used 12 hours a day all year round)

The lighting system can call for repairs and can even predict faults on its own.

Smart pole
The smart pole offers more than a dozen uses. It can provide information about the number of people or vehicles in the area, assess air quality or noise levels, or inform residents about traffic conditions and parking availability, for example, using electronic panels. The pole can be used for Wi-Fi signal transmitters or charging stations for a car, bicycle, laptop or phone. The poles also include a credit card reader. 

The structure of a smart pole offers unlimited possibilities how to work with smart lighting. It is up to the investor to decide how to increase the comfort of the users with it. 

Energy Management
Energy management offers savings in energy consumption. Smart meters provide information about the measured values and are transmitted to the Cloud. Here they are carefully analysed, the measured values are evaluated and the system itself suggests changes in consumer behaviour or makes changes leading to savings. In practice, this means that it can set the heating or cooling temperature control, control the lighting depending on the outside light or the occupancy of the building, evaluate the connection or disconnection of the heat source. However, it can also warn of a dripping tap, for example, or lights on in the building after hours.

Smart building and Smart home
Ensure safety, save moods, guarantee comfort – that all make life easier. These are the main benefits of a Smart Building. Thanks to building management system (BMS) technology, an apartment, house, condominium, hotel or even a commercial building will think for you. All in one app - controlling blinds, shutters, lighting, cameras, intercom, multimedia, heating, evaluating weather station data or energy metering. The smart home offers all this. 

The system can communicate in two ways - wirelessly via the iNELS RF Control system or via the iNELS BUS system. The wireless option ensures fast installation without any construction modifications, allows any placement of buttons and control panels, and is centrally controlled by a smart RF box. The system is then controlled via remote control or mobile phone apps. 

The advantages of the bus solution are mainly the extended range of functions including integration of third party systems, interconnection of camera systems, intercoms, air conditioning, heat pumps, photovoltaics and solar systems. In addition, this solution allows the installation of special elements and multimedia systems. 

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