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A smart city with 5G.

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With the advance of 5G, more and more smart solutions will appear in Europe, in our region and in Hungary to help cities operate and to make their inhabitants’ everyday lives more convenient.

Smart solutions can also make various aspects of city management, such as waste and energy management, public safety and the operations of local businesses, more efficient and simpler, which is decisive for the competitiveness of all municipalities.

Smart cities strive to improve their infrastructure, the efficiency of municipal services and the comfort of their inhabitants and visitors with the help of different technological devices and the internet.

All this is made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT, in short, means the ability of different devices to connect through the internet – for example, when reaching a given location when travelling, a phone can automatically start the air conditioning at home, or an online light sensor can switch the lights on even when far away from them. IoT offers smart and mainly automated technological opportunities ranging from these simple solutions to complicated systems. Municipal services have similar principles of operation but much more complicated systems and more data. Through mobile networks, an immense amount of data (big data) is created, which supports better and more informed decisions when professionally analysed. Such constant development, needs analysis, and fine-tuning of systems are one of the greatest advantages of smart operations.

Data transmission networks are the ‘nervous systems’ of smart cities. This is why expertise, partnership, technical background and resources of Telenor are a major advantage for the cities involved. Telenor has over 20 years’ experience with the development of various M2M (machine to machine) and IoT solutions. More and more interconnected devices support smart cities when it comes to city infrastructure management, parking and traffic control, waste management, information and public safety.

A real breakthrough will be enabled by the ongoing modernisation of networks. Mobile technology has numerous advantages from the aspect of IoT connections. Existing networks and standards, connectivity, and quick data transfer put service providers into an advantaged position. What is more, mobile solutions are ‘future-proof’, as they are going to stay in operation for a longer period in the future. Telenor can help making the development, introduction and operation of new solutions as simple and efficient as possible.

Telenor’s smart city concept is built on three main pillars: interconnected services improving city-dwellers’ lives, functioning on the same platform, the development of the mobile network, and partnership between service providers and public utility companies. Services related to city management, making city life more comfortable and safer through different applications and devices – from tracking public transport usage through monitoring parking lots for the disabled to constructing a notification system of sewer overflow – are going to be available at the same time, at the same platform.