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We are a Czech science and technology company with more than 400 employees. We have, since 1996, been developing innovative IT solutions in the sphere of software and hardware. Not only do we rely on our own department of applied research to develop innovations and solutions, we also actively cooperate with many Czech and world research institutions. We undertake projects in many segments, the most important being industrial production, healthcare and "Smart City" technology. Many years of experience in these technologically-demanding areas provide the guarantee of high quality and best practice in developing further solutions and products.

"All the solutions that CertiCon develops help improve or raise the quality of human lives," says Ing. Vladimir Marik JR, MBA., Director of the Business Solutions Division at CertiCon a.s.

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Artificial Intelligence at your Service

CertiConVis is a system designed for the automatic analysis of an image from a camera in real time, or from recorded footage. At present, most CCTV systems are there to provide evidence in the event that an unwanted situation arises. Hours and hours of sifting through recordings, a high error-rate in analysis, and the need for the presence of the human factor, which is often very expensive, are all a thing of the past thanks to CertiConVis.

“The CertiConVis system can be used in many ways in many areas. It is designed for situations which require immediate action in real time or video analysis later on, what is known as forensics. It is also applied as an innovative security element that works on the basis of artificial intelligence and as a sophisticated system for the collection of data, with a wide range of uses,” says Vladimir Marik, MBA., Director of the Business Solutions Division at CertiCon a.s.

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The theft of goods accounts for hundreds of millions in losses a year, losses to be paid by wholesalers and retailers. A CCV platform offers advanced techniques for monitoring and evaluating human behaviour. Let us say, for example, that a driver loading a truck is the only person who has access to the ramp and the goods at the given time. Suspicious behaviour can be detected by measuring the amount of time they spend putting each load of goods into the truck. If the driver spends too much time inside the truck, but out of range of the cameras, it is possible that there is some criminal behaviour going on. CCTV means that this can be checked, and subsequently proven.


Monitoring the movement of customers in a small store can provide store owners with very important data on the functioning of their sales area, how effective their serving staff are, and the like. However, tracking records from such stores is very time-consuming and cannot be delegated to another person who is not directly involved in improving the running of the store. The CertiConVis platform offers advanced techniques for tracking customers in the store, including information on where customers go most often after entering the store, what goods they look at the longest, or how they move around the store. CertiConVis for retail can use these algorithms to track how people move and to create reports from the data collected, providing store owners with much-needed data.


Construction firms are responsible for the progress of construction work, subcontracted deliveries, and in particular the safety of work on the construction site. The CertiConVis platform with construction module can capture events when people act in violation of work safety procedures (do not wear helmets, vests) or enter places where there is an extreme risk of injury, or to which entry is absolutely prohibited. Traffic

The CertiConVis system can be used as an “alarm” in situations in which an accident might occur or an offence might be committed against traffic regulations; for example, driving down a one-way street, driving through a red light, turning a vehicle on a crossing, driving the wrong way on to a motorway, and many other situations on which human lives often depend. The system is also able to appraise the situation retrospectively from camera footage and can select and show only the required incident from the footage all on its own. The system also includes a number-plate recognition function and a function that detects the number of vacant and occupied parking spaces. CertiConVis therefore provides a complete solution for analysing traffic situations and collecting valuable data.

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Prof. Ing. Vladimír Mařík, DrSc., dr.h.c., Chairman of the Board
Ing. Vladimír Mařík ml, MBA, Director of the Business Solutions Division
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