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Our mission is to generate added value for facility managers and tenants in the form of new services, savings and increased efficiency through automation and digitization of building operations and supplies of utilities.

We are a young innovative company engaged in the development of modern technologies that facilitate activities in the management of housing costs, properties and utilities’ distribution. We develop our own hardware equipment, data networks, database systems and a comprehensive ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) for facility managers and utility suppliers. Our solution also includes mobile applications for efficient outputs to end users visualizing their costs and engaging them into the overall operation of the building.

We simplify the work of building managers and provide end customers with a live view on their expenses of all utilities and services via a web and mobile application. Tenants can visualize all costs in one place. Such as, water, electricity, gas, heat, maintenance, cleaning, internet and many more. Our solution streamlines the entire process of monitoring and analysing expenses, administrative and service tasks and technical management of any building, regardless of its age.

We are already helping to manage efficiently more than 35,500 households in 700 buildings. Our solution is a comprehensive system for intelligent property management and utilities’ supplies. It is based on our cloud software with many new tools and automation options not yet available in the industry. Thanks to the engagement of smart meters, building management is easier, more efficient and, most importantly, of much better quality and sustainability. The main benefits of our solution: We cut paperwork, endless disputes (with tenants) and pressure from legislative changes. Our customers can manage a 2x larger real estate portfolio with much lower costs and efforts.

We give tenants a 24/7 overview and thus control over the cost of housing. Thanks to the Smart Grid solution, we enable energy distributors to remotely collect data, monitor their distribution network and optimize the utility supplies without physical intervention.

How to get an immediate overview of the current utility consumption and costs of your property? Using our own transmission and control modules, we are able to integrate any power system into our smart grid. Customers can evaluate the obtained data and connect it with other data related to the management of facilities into a comprehensive operations system. The registration and administrative system created by us enables not only remote data acquisition, but also online control of this network. We can optimize operations by using extensive data, analysing consumer behaviour and the energy network. Thanks to our solution, facility managers, utility companies and their clients rely on real-time information.

- Would you like get 25% of the total household expenses under control?
- Are you looking for simplicity, professionalism and affordability in property management and utilities’ supplies?

Find out how an intelligent management system can help you, and see for yourself how much time, utilities and money it can save.

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