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Škoda Transportation Group
Škoda Transportation is a major Czech company with over 160 years of experience in the construction of public transportation vehicles. Škoda Transportation group products primarily include low-floor trams, electric locomotives, suburban train units, subway trains, electric buses and trolleybuses, as well as control and propulsion systems for transport systems. Škoda Transportation has multiple subsidiaries, such as Škoda Electric, Škoda Vagonka or Škoda Pars in the Czech Republic, but it also other companies in Germany, Finland, Hungary and Russia. In our companies we employ over five and a half thousand people – almost 800 of them are engineers, project architect or designers. Thanks to high research and development investments, Škoda Transportation can regularly come to market with new, modern products that successfully find their place on foreign markets. The company has invested over 3 billion CZK in research and development over the last 3 years. The Škoda Transportation group currently has over 3 billion euros worth of backlog. 

Modernisation, repairs and full service for rail vehicles 
In addition to the production of new vehicles, Škoda Transportation has a fully specialized team that offers long-term service of rail vehicles for customers all around Europe. Particularly Škoda Pars, which primarily focuses on periodic repairs, hard maintenance and modernization of railway rolling stock for customers in the Czech Republic and abroad. Regular tram and subway services and repairs are carried out by Škoda City Service, Škoda Transtech in Findland and Škoda Ekova. These companies provide example full subway service for Prague and trams for Pilsen and Tampere, Finland. In the near future, the Škoda Transportation group will be in charge of the long-term full services of electric units, which are now produced for the South Moravian Region.
Part of PPF Group
Škoda Transportation is part of PPF Group. PPF Group invests in a number of sectors, from financial services to telecommunications, biotechnology, real estate and engineering. It builds its growth on the development of traditional as well as new sectors, building modern infrastructure, digital economy, and the interconnection of Czech talent and capabilities with global opportunities. PPF operates in Europe, Asia and North America.

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